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Virtual CO-OP + CAREER Expo

Save the date for the Summer Virtual Expo on June 8th and 10th!

Don’t miss The Virtual CO-OP + CAREER Expo on June 8th and 10th for your chance to meet employers hiring for fall co-op and full-time opportunities for recent and soon-to-be graduatesBoost your search by learning about open positions and company culture from actively hiring employersThis is a small-scale event with carefully vetted organizations. Based on your feedback of our recent virtual recruiting events, we’ve made changes so it’s easier for you to attend and build connections with employers. We heard you loud and clear: you need specific sign-up times that guarantee you meet with employers. 

Sign up for 30-minute employer information sessions to be a part of a small group of up to ten students or alumni. Reserve your 30-minute spot for each session on WITworks. Please only register for one information session per employer 

How to Register 

  • Login to WITworks 
  • Navigate to Events > Virtual Expos (on the left side menu) 
  • Click on the Employer Name to view the session details and links to their open positions 
  • Click the red “RSVP” button and select one 30-minute session from the “Choose Time Slot” drop-down . A system message will be sent to your email confirming your RSVP. 

Employer Schedule

Below is the schedule of employers attending the Virtual CO-OP + CAREER Expo. Complete details are available on WITworks. Check back often as employer registrations will continue through June 4 

Employer Name Date Choose 30 Minutes Between: Majors Position Type WITworks Job ID
Arx Urban 8-Jun 2-4 PM Architecture, Business Management, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Engineering, Interior Design, Industrial Design
Avail Project Management 8-Jun 2-5 PM Architecture, Construction Management, Facility Planning and Management
City Building and Engineering Services (US) 8-Jun 3-5 PM Architecture, Engineering
Electric Supply Center 10-Jun 2-4 PM Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Facility Planning and Management Co-op, Full-time 1000020545 1000020165 1000020253 1000020266
Haley & Aldrich 8-Jun 2-5 PM Civil Engineering, Construction Management
Linea 5, Inc. 8-Jun 3-5 PM Architecture
MAS Building & Bridge, Inc. 8-Jun 2-5 PM Civil Engineering, Construction Management Co-op 1000020719
NOVO Construction 8-Jun 2-5 PM Civil Engineering Co-op, Full-time 1000019718 1000019720
Silgan Dispensing Systems 10-Jun 2-4 PM Engineering, Industrial Design, Facility Planning and Management, Mechanical Engineering
The Middlesex Corporation 8-Jun 2-4 PM Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Full-time 1000020716
Tocci Building Corporation 8-Jun 2-4 PM Civil Engineering, Construction Management Co-op 1000019892, 1000019893
Vareika Construction, Inc. 8-Jun 2-4 PM Construction Management Full-time 1000019827

What to expect  

 How are the information sessions structured 

We’ve recommended this structure: up to 15 minutes for a brief presentation followed by at least 10 minutes for Q&A.  

How should I prepare?  

  • Research the employer(s) before the session. 
  • Apply for the posted position(s) on WITworks so the employer has your resume 
  • Prepare a few questions to ask during the Q&A. Check out our resource on “Questions to Ask Employers at Virtual Events.”

When will I get the virtual meeting information?  

This virtual meeting details will be available within the employer event on WITworks on the day of the session. On the day of the event login to WITworks and navigate to Events > Virtual Expos > [your chosen employer] from the left side menu.   

Additionally, you will receive an email from CO-OPS + CAREERon June 7  with the list of sessions you’ve RSVP’d to and a reminder about how to access each session from WITworks. Please do not join the session outside of your reserved time.  

What virtual meeting software will be used? 

We’ve recommended that companies use Zoom, however some employers use different software. Make sure you are familiar with platforms like Skype, Teams, GoToMeeting, and WebEx. This is good practice for virtual interviewing, where you will be expected to use whichever platform the employer uses 

Below are links to test the most popular video meeting platforms: 

Zoom Test Call
GoToMeeting Test Call
WebEx Test Call
Microsoft Teams Test Call 

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Inside Industry Right Now

Inside Industry Right Now offers Wentworth students and alumni the opportunity to engage with employers as well as fellow Wentworth alumni while we navigate the current working landscape together.  Direct links to Inside Industry events can be found in the Events Calendar. Log in to WITworks account for Zoom Meeting link and details.


2021 TBD. Please check back later in the semester and watch out for email announcements about scheduled events from your CO-OP + CAREER Advisor.

What To Expect 

Each session is moderated by a member of the CO-OPS + CAREERS team as we talk with hiring managers, supervisors, freelance designers, vice presidents and more. The session is scheduled for one hour allowing our guests to speak to the following topics:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the work being done within the organization? 
  • What skills did employees need to be successful? 
  • How has the workplace changed since March and what does it look like for the future? 
  • How has recruiting, interviewing and on-boarding changed? 
  • What opportunities exist for Wentworth students?

What To Bring 

Your undivided attention and plenty of questions! If you plan to keep your camera on during the event, please be mindful of your environment. 

Video Notice 

Inside Industry Right Now events will be screen recorded. Images and video content may be used for social media, publications, website, and other purposes. If you wish to not be recorded, please inform a CO-OPS + CAREERS staff member before or during the event and/or turn off your camera. The recordings will be speaker view only, meaning, if you speak during the session, your video and name will show on the screen. If you wish to remain anonymous but also ask our guests a question, please use the chat function.