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Since 1975, Wentworth has prepared students to enter the workforce with significant experience through our cooperative education (co-op) program. All undergraduate day students must complete two co-ops to earn their degree, ensuring our graduates have current knowledge and skills to launch their careers. Whether through co-op or full-time employment, our students and alumni bring a solid skill set, extensive knowledge, and a passion for creative problem-solving. Wentworth works closely with prospective employers to help them recruit the talent they need and engage with the Institute in meaningful ways.

When: Tuesday, June 18th
Where: Wentworth Quad, under the tent

Register on WITworks, here. Employer registration is $400. Event capacity is limited to 65 organizations.

This event is ideal for employers hiring for students seeking full-time employment or Fall 2024 co-ops. Registration is not a guarantee of attendance and is subject to space availability. 

Co-op ScheduleTypically Sophomores*
Summer 2024
Typically Seniors
Fall 2024
Typically Juniors
Spring 2025
Semester begins (first official start date of co-op)Thursday, May 2Tuesday, September 3TBA
Last day to make an offerThursday, May 9Tuesday, September 10TBA
Latest Employment start dateWednesday, May 15Thursday, September 12TBA
Co-op assessment due – student & employerFriday, August 2Wednesday, December 3TBA
Last day of official co-op semesterThursday, August 15Friday, December 6TBA
*Some programs of study follow a different schedule.

Looking to hire a Wentworth student or alum for a co-op or full-time position? Follow the below steps to set up an account and to post your opportunity. Posting directly to WITworks is free, if you use “Symplicity Recruit” to post to multiple schools there are charges associated with these postings.

  1. Visit the WITworks Login Page: https://wit-csm.symplicity.com/employers
  2. Select “Sign Up and Post Job.”
  3. Fill in required fields and select “Next.”
  4. Complete Job Position Information.
  5. Look for an e-mail notification to set your password which will be sent when your posting(s) has been approved by our office.

Still have questions? Schedule a time to meet with our Employer Relations Specialist.

Existing users, please log-in to your WITworks account at this link: https://wit-csm.symplicity.com/employers/.

Posting directly to WITworks is free, if you use “Symplicity Recruit” to post to multiple schools there are charges associated with these postings.

Create a New Posting

  1. After logging-in to WITworks, navigate to the “Jobs” tab or select the “Post a Job” tile from the home page.
  2. Click “Add New.”
  3. Fill in the required fields for a Job/Co-op posting.
    • Position type: Select Full-time, Part-Time, or Co-op.
      Note: Co-ops are 30-40 hrs/wk for 14-16 weeks.
    • Co-op Term: Which semester will the student be working?
      • Fall (September – December)
      • Spring (January – April)
      • Summer (May – August)
    • Job Description: Please try to be as detailed as possible so students know exactly what
      they are applying for.
    • Desired Majors: Please be specific and deliberate with what majors you select. This will
      help connect you to the appropriate candidates.
    • Resume Receipt: If you would like applications sent as they are submitted, please
      select “e-mail” or “company website.” “Resume Books” are only generated on the day
      the posting expires.
    • Select “Done.” You will receive an email when the job posting has been approved.

Renew an Old Posting

  1. After logging-in to WITworks navigate to “Jobs” tab.
  2. Click “Add New.”
  3. Use the “Copy an existing posting” field.
    • If necessary, select “Show Archived” and select from drop down menu.
    • Edit as necessary: Work Term, Salary, Dates of posting, etc.

Wentworth Co-ops & Careers is committed to helping organizations with their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. We’ve curated a collection of resources on a hiring a diverse workforce, information on the benefits that come with it, best practices to remove biases in recruitment, and nurturing an inclusive workplace for all individuals.


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