Where Talent Meets Opportunity

Leading organizations of all sizes and types, and from all over the world, have benefited from the talents of Wentworth students. Whether through co-op experiences or full-time employment, Wentworth students and alumni bring a solid skill set, extensive knowledge, and a passion for creative problem-solving to any work environment. Wentworth works closely with prospective employers to help them recruit the talent they need and engage with the Institute in meaningful ways. We also provide a handy online tool to help you post job opportunities to the Wentworth community: WITworks.

Recruiting for Co-ops

Co-ops are mandatory for Wentworth students. Each student must complete at least two co-op experiences. Recruiting for co-ops takes place three times a year. Learn more about co-ops.

Recruiting for Jobs

Join leading recruiters who have hired our students and alumni, and watched them become leaders in their organizations. Learn more about job recruitment.