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Relevant experience is important, but a strong interview can make all the difference in landing a job. You must come across as credible and confident; at the same time, you are looking for a good match for yourself so you need to ask insightful questions and consider the role and responsibilities of the position.


Here are a number of resources that can help you throughout your interviewing process. Check out our blog for articles from the staff about preparing for a co-op or job search.


Career Resources

Dressing for Business Casual

The goal for any professional interaction is to focus the attention on your skills and qualifications. Dressing for “business casual” …

How to Prepare for an IT Support Interview

Typical questions and answers for IT Support interviews.

Navigating Job Offers

Sometimes you get a job offer while you are waiting to hear back about another opportunity. Use this handout to …

Research and Network with the LinkedIn Alumni Tool

Networking is a crucial part of any job search…and it is especially important if you are entering a challenging job …

Tips for Effective Video Interviewing

Many employers are using conference software to interview candidates remotely. While you need to prepare in a similar way to …

Small Talk Interview Etiquette

Often at the beginning and/or end of an interview, employers want to engage in small talk with you.

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