Delivering Your Introduction

A business introduction (or “elevator pitch”) is a way to introduce yourself to an employer. The best introductions prompt dialogue and are tailored to your audience (to the extent that you know about them), with relevant experience, skills, and career interests. Prepare your introduction with a goal such as receiving a business card, connecting on LinkedIn or follow up the next week.  Use this handout to develop your introduction and then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE by yourself, in the mirror, on your smart phone, with a friend, or with your Co-op & Career Advisor. Get feedback on what works well and what could be improved.

What to Do: 

Choose from the following components to create your introduction: 

  • Greeting & Education – include your first and last name, your class year and major or when you graduated
  • Opportunities you are seeking – mention a position that they are hiring for, or a type of role you are interested in
  • Relevant Experience – related experience to the specific job you want-be sure to mention any co-ops you completed
  • Highlights of Skills & Strengths – skills you possess that are related to the qualifications of the position 
  • Knowledge of company/Question for employer – do research about the company in advance (if possible) and comment on something interesting you found, or ask a question that would not answered by viewing their website.  

Hello, my name is David Smith.  I am a junior in the Business Management program at Wentworth Institute of Technology and I expect to graduate in 2024. I have worked in H& R Block’s volunteer income tax assistance program for the past year where I gained experience and confidence serving clients. I am very interested in your Tax Assistant co-op for this fall at Jackson Hewitt. I have applied on your website and wondered if you can tell me more about…

Tailored options: 1) your hiring process and timeline?  2) your experience working at Jackson Hewitt?  3) any other companies I should be aware of? 

Develop Your Introduction:

Create a list of options instead of memorizing a short speech! Use the above components to create your list. Click “View Resource” at the bottom of this page to download a worksheet version of this resource.

Check out this video for an example of how to introduce yourself or answer the question, “could you tell me about yourself” during an interview, at a career fair, networking event, conference or even in an elevator! Adjust the content according to your audience.

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