Computing & Information Technology

Welcome to the Computing and Information Technology community!  Members of this community use their skills in quantitative, logical thinking, design, and/or communication to improve our world/quality of life and solve real world problems.  These students can work in vast spectrum of roles.  They imagine and create new technology, engineer and analyze data, build and maintain hardware and networks, protect users’ and organizations’ data.  They can also serve as a lifeline to users, teaching how to work with technology, resolve software and hardware issues and improve users’ technology offerings.  These students are life-long learners, active listeners, collaborators, problem solvers and/or creative thinkers, who work with computing and technology, in various roles and almost every industry.  One example of this is FinTech (Financial Technology), in which people use technology and innovation to compete with traditional methods in the delivery of financial services and banking, making them more accessible and generally more affordable.  Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing, and big data, known as the ABCDs of FinTech, are interrelated technologies that have allowed FinTech to thrive.

Corporate Jargon Gen Z Should Know

There’s enough to worry about when entering the workforce: What are my responsibilities? Am I capable enough to do this job? Will my manager like me? Corporate jargon shouldn’t add to your stress. From terms like “bandwidth” to acronyms like …

By Zoe Kaplan - Forage
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What Is a DevOps Engineer?

A development operations (DevOps) engineer works with a company’s software and operations teams to ensure efficient software deployment. DevOps engineers use their technical backgrounds and project management skills to make software deployment a faster, more iterative, feedback-driven process.

In this …

By Zoe Kaplan - Forage
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What Are Writing Skills?

You don’t need to be the great next American novelist to use writing skills. Writing skills apply to nearly every field, even if you’re not working in a creative career.

At work, writing is a hard skill we use to …

By Zoe Kaplan - Forage
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Top Interpersonal Skills Employers Look For

Often known as people skills, interpersonal skills are the soft skills you use to interact with others. In the workplace, these skills are essential to being an effective team player and contributing to a positive work environment.

Yet some interpersonal …

By Zoe Kaplan - Forage
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The most effective questions to end a job interview

The seismic shift during the last two years has turned the labor market on its head. Today, the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics reports nearly 11 million jobs available, with almost two job openings for
every unemployed American. This gap …

By Corey Berkey - College Recruiter
College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. Each year, we help more than 3 million students and recent grads find part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs requiring 0-3 years of experience.
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Student Resources

Girls in Tech Job Board

This job board is brought to you by Girls in Tech, an organization that works to erase the gender gap …

Applicant Tracking Systems and Professional Summaries

When applying to full-time positions outside of WITworks, seniors and alumni need to tailor their resumes to each position they …

Co-op FAQS

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Co-ops at Wentworth.

Entry Point!

This program, from The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, identifies and recruits students with disabilities who are majoring …

Black Tech Pipeline

News, articles, job opportunities for Black folks in tech.

America’s Best Employers for Diversity

Use this searchable list to find employers dedicated to workplace diversity by name, state, or industry. Listings are updated each …

Wentworth Clubs & Organizations

Connect with student organizations for further cultural networks of support.  Up-to-date information and meeting times can be found on LeopardSpot.

Featured Classes

Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel (Office 365/Excel 2019) (2019)

Dennis Taylor
Large amounts of data can become unmanageable fast. But with the data management and analysis features in Excel, you can…

Java 8 for Professionals

Maaike van Putten
Java 8 was released in 2014, but it’s still one of the most popular versions of Java and is widely…

Advanced C#: Language Features

Joe Marini
In this advanced C# course, instructor Joe Marini dives deep into language features. Joe goes over language constructs such as…

GitHub for Data Science Job Seekers

Isil Berkun
Explore ways to use your GitHub profile and projects to increase your value add and visibility, improve opportunities to be…

CompTIA A+ Core 2 (220-1102): 3 Software Troubleshooting

If you’ve passed Core 1 of the CompTIA A+ certification exam and you’re ready to move on to Core 2,…

Learning Redux Toolkit

Ebenezer Don
If you’ve ever built a web application in React, you probably encountered a few problems along the way, particularly with…

Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate (MS-500) Cert Prep: 1 Implement and Manage Identity and Access

Ugo Lopez
Unfortunately, up to 99% of cloud security failures are the fault of customers. Beat the statistics. Learn how to implement…

Advanced MongoDB

Naomi Pentrel
Expand on what you learned in MongoDB Essential Training by exploring advanced features and concepts within this powerful document database.…

Microsoft Power Automate: Advanced Business Automation

Phil Gold
In this advanced course, Phil Gold walks through several time-saving automations that use Microsoft Power Automate Flows to solve common…

MLOps Essentials: Model Development and Integration

Kumaran Ponnambalam
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is a fast-growing domain the field of AI. As more models are deployed in production, the…

Understanding the Impact of a Merger for IT Teams

Lee Atchison
Corporate mergers, while common, are invariably complex—particularly for IT teams. What’s involved in being part of a post-acquisition IT merger?…

GitHub Advanced Security

Rob Bos
GitHub’s security features let you implement security throughout the development process to prevent issues from happening and protect your projects…

Developing Secure Software

Jungwoo Ryoo
Software developers are constantly told to use secure coding practices. Luckily, with today’s tools, secure code doesn’t take a lot…

Excel: Power Query (Get & Transform)

Oz du Soleil
View Oz’s LinkedIn Newsletter Power Query is a feature in Excel that allows you to quickly import data from multiple…

Testing Python Data Science Code

Miki Tebeka
The larger and more complex the world of data science becomes, the more data there is to collect, sort, clean,…

Java Frameworks: Quarkus vs. Spring

Frank P Moley III
Choosing the best Java framework for your needs can be a challenge. In this course, software developer and architect Frank…

AI Pair Programming with GitHub Copilot

Ronnie Sheer
The future of programming is all about collaboration—humans working with machines to achieve exciting and unimagined results. AI pair programming,…

Creating Dashboards in Google Cloud Platform for Small Businesses

Nikiya Simpson
In addition to the benefit of not having all your valuable data stored on local machines, many cloud services now…

PowerPoint Data Visualization: High-Impact Charts and Graphs

Echo Swinford
Data visualization is a hot topic, and we all know charts should be as clear and effective as possible. But…

Marketing Foundations: Competitive Market Analysis (2017)

Deirdre Breakenridge
By compiling a competitive analysis, you gain insight into your competitors to identify your own advantage and edge in the…

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Career Outcomes

The First Destination Survey is administered bi-annually to all bachelor’s and master’s degree students who participated in the December, April, or August commencement exercises. The data below is collected up to six months following graduation by Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development. This information is collected in accordance with the national standards established by NACE.

View our comprehensive Class of 2021 report here which includes longitudinal comparisons through 2018.

If you are a member of the Class of 2022 please complete the Career Outcomes survey here.

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  • Fields of Study
  • Degree Types

First Destination

First Destination is a nationally recognized term that is used to describe the first experiences of college graduates.  At Wentworth, we survey students at cap and gown pick-up and follow up within six months following graduation. Undergraduate students pursue a variety of opportunities post-graduation, including full-time employment, graduate school, and entrepreneurial endeavors.