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Episode # Episode Name
93 Cover Letters & Follow Up
92 How to Work the Fair
91 First Year Student Tips for Co-op
90 Fall 2019 Events Preview
89 Student Organization Spotlight: CROWNS
88 Negotiating Job Offers for New Graduates
87 Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Forde
86 Navigating Co-op & Job Offers
85 Ask the Tech Industry Hiring Managers
84 Making the Most of Your Summer (professionally)
83 Research Co-ops
82 iGen in the Workplace
81 Leadership and Getting Involved on Campus
80 Making a Great Impression When You Start A New Job/Co-op 
79 Online Learning with CPCE
78 Transfer Students & Co-op
77 Networking & Follow-up 
76 Advice from the CO-OP + CAREER Fair Employer Sponsors
75 Grad School in the Mathematical Sciences with Professor John Haga
74 Mindfulness and Your Career
73 Full-time Job Search vs. Co-op Search
72 Employer Spotlight: Vapotherm
71 PhD Programs with Professor Aaron Carpenter
70 Ask the Hiring Manager
69 Meet Cheryl Aaron, Director of Athletics 
68 Team Spotlight: Faith Bade, Associate Director CO-OPS + CAREERS 
67 Team Spotlight: Chris McIntyre, Employer Relations Specialist
66 Entrepreneurial Co-op
65 Meet Dean Fred Driscoll
64 Why Graduate School with Professor Aaron Carpenter
63 First Generation Student Co-op and Job Searches
62 Fake It ’till You Make It
61 Meet Professor Michael Mozill
60 Meet the Staff: Kristen Eckman
59 The Wage Gap and How to Negotiate
58 Meet Professor Aaron Carpenter
57 Special Guest Cidhinnia Torres Campos, Wentworth’s Director of Institutional Effectiveness
56 What’s Happening | Summer 2018
55 Asking for accommodations on the job
54 Meet the WAA (Wentworth Alumni Association)
53 unavailable
52 CO-OP + CAREER Fair Sponsor Q&A
51 Turning Negative Experiences into Positives with Jimmy Kane
50 Special Guest President Pantic
49 So you want to be a work study at CO-OPS + CAREERS?
48 The Art of Following-Up
47 unavailable
46 Leadership with Chris Scanlon
45 Six-Week Countdown to Co-op: Priorities and Interviewing
44 The Benefits of Volunteering 
43 Team Spotlight: Sara Dell, Associate Director 
42 Mock Interview Day Prep
40 Silicon Valley Informational Interview
39 The Co-op TO DO List
38 Job Search Jump Start for Seniors 
36 Team Spotlight: Jer Jurma, Co-op + Career Advisor
35 International Student Perspective 
34 Dimeo Construction Interview
33 Dean Wenner Stops By
32 Wellness with Sarah Harmon
31 Balancing Co-op Search and Finals 
30 Schneider Electric Interview
28 Ruger Firearms Interview
26 Career Fair on Thursday 
25 Networking Soup
24 Episode 24: Full-Time Job Search
23 How to Take Job Search Advice from Others 
22 New Year, New You
21 Follow-Up
20 Networking Over Thanksgiving 
19 Interviewing 
18 LinkedIn
17 Informational Interviewing 
16 Back-to-Basics 
15 Career Fair Tomorrow 
14 Fall 2016 Career Fair Prep
13 Closing Out Co-op 
12 Resume Tips 
11 Personal Branding 
10 Finding a Mentor
9 Episode 9: Informational Interviewing 
8 Episode 8: Full-Time Job Search 
7 Raytheon Interview
6 Starting the Co-op Search 
5 What to Do on Your First Day of Work 
4 How to get the Most Out of Your Summer (When You’re Not on Co-op)
3 How to Revamp Your Job Search 
2 Interviewing Tips 
1 Welcome to WITworks Radio