Work + Identity

At the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (CO-OPS + CAREERS) we celebrate and embrace your diversity and the valuable experiences and perspectives you bring to campus and the workplace. Career education and development are meant to serve as tools to propel students and alumni toward the futures they envision, but this is all too often not an equitable experience. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space where you feel welcome, heard, respected, supported, and empowered. In this section of our website you will find identify specific resources and professional support along with information about being a workplace ally.

Shout Outs

This collection of pages was made possible through significant contributions and guidance from our Wentworth colleagues and students, the CO-OPS + CAREERS team, and professional peers. This project was conceptualized and managed by Abbey Pober, Assistant Director for the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development. Work + Identity was inspired by the resources developed by the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis.

Thank you to Ssesy Lainez Henriquez, Wentworth Biological Engineering student, for conducting substantial research of the resources presented on these pages.

Thank you to Alex Cabal, Director of the Center for Diversity and Social Justice, for your direction and support.

Thank you to Becky Drossman, Assistant Director of College Access, and Erik Miller, Director of the Center for Community & Learning Partnerships for your support and direction.

Thank you to  Tram-Anh Nguyen, Career Connections Manager, and Kira Terrill, Alumni Engagement Manager, from Bottom Line for offering support and insights.

Thank you to Annabelle Cataloni, Postsecondary Team Manager, with the Boston PIC for sharing insights and offering to collaborate on future initiatives to partner with Wentworth.

Thank you to Juan Cantu, Program Officer for Education to Career, at the Boston Foundation for his insight, ideas, and impactful work to connect Wentworth with Boston community partners.

The pages of Work + Identity were developed by the following members of the CO-OPS + CAREERS Team:

  • Faith Bade, Associate Director
  • Robbin Beauchamp, Director
  • Caitlin Brison, CO-OP + CAREER Advisor
  • Lauren Creamer, Assistant Director
  • Sara Dell, CO-OP + CAREER Advisor
  • Kristen Eckman, Operations Coordinator
  • Mary Federico, CO-OP + CAREER Advisor
  • Ria Kalinowski, Senior CO-OP + CAREER Advisor
  • Charlie Klemmer, CO-OP + CAREER Advisor
  • Chris McIntyre, External Relations Specialist
  • Abbey Pober, Assistant Director for Systems + Marketing
  • Becky Smith, CO-OP + CAREER Advisor

Illustrations designed by:

  • Freepik
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