First Generation Students

At Wentworth we define First Generation or “First-Gen” students as anyone who come from a family where their parents did not complete a four-year college degree. Students who identify as first generation bring a wealth of unique skills and powerful experience to and through college and in their career development. Co-ops & Careers is committed to offering support at each step of the way from a student’s first day at Wentworth, to graduation, and beyond. First generation students will find below many resources to guide them through a co-op or job search, building a support system, and navigating workplace culture.

Support at Wentworth

Co-ops & Careers recognizes everyone brings an individual perspective to college and work; however, first generation students may have similar questions and concerns. Your Co-op & Career Advisor is available to have meaningful and action-oriented dialogues about topics including:

  • Finding part-time or full-time work that relates to your area of study.
  • Applying to scholarships that are major related, career focused, or identity based.
  • Identifying organizations for professional networking opportunities.
  • Enrolling in programs that provide career development support through mentorship and counseling.
  • Telling your unique story in a way that connects with employers.
  • Building professional skills through training and professional development opportunities.
  • Managing workplace culture shock and navigating code switching.
  • Exploring potential career paths and picking best fit opportunities.
  • Developing an action plan that makes sense and is easy to follow.

Career Development

We offer programs and services to help students build fundamental career skills. Your Co-op & Career Advisor can answer questions like: “What do I put on my resume?” and “How do I network?,” and will support you throughout your professional journey as a student, and for life as an alumnus/a. When you are ready to start exploring your career path, we recommend you do the following:

We are excited to support you, so connect with us and explore the many opportunities that are available.

Talk with us About

Addressing individual needs through various channels such as work, scholarships, grants, and other options that exist for first generation students.

Addressing individual needs through on-campus and off-campus opportunities to build community through mentorship opportunities, academic/professional associations, and other options.

Addressing individual needs through training and skill building opportunities, professional development, 1:1 advising, and other opportunities to build self-confidence.

Additional on-campus resources

In addition to the co-op and career guidance our office provides, Wentworth supports first generation students via scholarship and grant programs and through student clubs and organizations supported by the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement.

Scholarships & Grants:

  • Scholarship Universe: Easily match with available scholarships through Wentworth’s online portal
  • John P. Heinstadt Professional Development Grant: Students can apply to meet the goals of professional development in one of the following key areas: career exploration, leadership development, promotion of social justice, service to the community

Shout Out

Thank you to Becky Drossman, Assistant Director of College Access, and Erik Miller, Director, of the Center for Community & Learning Partnerships for your support and direction.

Thank you to Tram-Anh Nguyen, Career Connections Manager, and Kira Terrill, Alumni Engagement Manager, from Bottom Line for offering support and their insight regarding the challenges facing first generation students.

Thank you to Annabelle Cataloni, Postsecondary Team Manager, with the Boston PIC for further insight into the first generation student experience as well as offering to collaborate on future initiatives to partner with Wentworth.

Thank you to Juan Cantu, Program Officer for Education to Career, at the Boston Foundation overseeing the Success Boston College Completion Initiative for his insight, ideas, and impactful work to connect Co-ops & Careers with Boston community partners currently supporting first generation students to and through college.

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Student Resources

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