Neurodiverse Students

Support at Wentworth

Co-ops & Careers is committed to supporting neurodiverse students and alumni. This includes the steps of securing and completing co-op and in launching their careers. Your Co-op & Career Advisor is available by appointment to guide you through these concerns, support your co-op and job search, and help you seek expertise outside of Wentworth when needed. Co-ops & Careers can also act as a liaison between the candidate and the employer.

Talk with us about

  • Highlighting your strengths and abilities on your resume and cover letter.
  • If you should disclose your neurodiversity to your employer.
  • When and how to disclose your neurodiversity .
  • Understanding and requesting reasonable workplace accommodations.
  • Addressing workplace and interview harassment and discrimination.

Aspire at Wentworth

To support neurodiverse students through co-op, we partner with Massachusetts General Hospital’s Aspire Program. Any student who believes they will struggle to obtain or perhaps keep a co-op due to anxiety, stress, social challenges, or communication issues is welcome to request participation in the program. A diagnosis is not required to participate.

Our partnership with Aspire provides our students with coaching to develop the social skills they will need to succeed in the workplace and training on how to manage their stress. Aspire provides a structured program to assist you throughout your co-op. Aspire will be there every step of the way through:

  • Coaching on the social skills necessary to succeed in the workplace
  • Interviews where you are accompanied by your Aspire Career Coach
  • Aspire led weekly seminars to discuss ideas for success and share any challenges faced
  • Building relationships with employers who are excited to bring your unique skills to their team
  • Job coaches who will work with you to acquire and manage your co-op.

On campus

For academic support and accommodations, the main on-campus resource for students is the Success Studio. Visit the Success Studio for  advising and tutoring. Counseling is available through the Center for Wellness. Medical support services are available through Student Health Services.

We recommend students get involved with on-campus clubs and organizations relevant to their interests and major to build community and develop professionally. A listing of Wentworth’s student organizations, including up-to-date meeting times and contact information, can be found on Leopard Spot.

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Student Resources

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Wentworth Professional Clubs & Organizations

Connect with on-campus organizations for further networks of support. A complete list of clubs and organizations, along with up-to-date information and meeting times can be found on LeopardSpot.