Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Wentworth Co-ops & Careers is committed to helping organizations with their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. We have included links and resources on a hiring diverse workforce, information on the benefits that come with it, and best practices to remove biases in recruitment. And because the work does not stop after hiring is completed, we have also added documents to help nurture an inclusive workplace for all individuals.

Speak with us about connecting with student organizations, planning recruiting events, or to brainstorm ways to improve your hiring process for co-ops and full-time roles and foster an inclusive work environment where everyone thrives.


7 Tips for Hiring a More Diverse Workforce
Detailed information on steps an employer can take to hire a diverse workforce.

Gender Decoder
Gender decoder app for analyzing if there are biased aspects in a job posting.

6 Steps To Hiring More Diverse Candidates
Details on steps to take in diversity hiring.

10 Ways to Attract and Hire Diverse Candidates
Blog on 10 steps to diversity hiring, includes a list of diversity recruiting job boards.

A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring More Diverse Talent
Article on using data to identify ways to improve your diversity hiring.

How to Hire for Diversity
Blog on how to hire for diversity, includes going to culture “add” not “fit”.

12 Ways to Attract and Hire Diverse Job Candidates
Article on 12 ways to hire diverse candidates, including look beyond culture fit and offering remote work options.

10 Eye-opening Best Practice Strategies to Diversity Recruiting
Article with specifics and checklists on best practices for diversity recruiting, especially when recruiting from universities.

Assessing an Employer’s Commitment to DEI
Article on what students may be looking for in an employer as they focus on DEI “conscious job seeking”.

Dreamers Employer Fact Sheet
One-page guide that gives information on hiring Dreamers.

Diversity Newsletter Series:
Subscribe for free diversity newsletters at the link above. Examples include Keesha Meets the Hiring System, 3 Areas Bias (+Inequity) Hide in the Interview Process, What are the Unwritten Rules for Success in Your Company,

Free Employer Resources Site
Free resources, continuously updated by a diversity consultant

Diversity Recruiting YouTube Channel
Short videos that are updated and uploaded on an ongoing basis

Articles and lists offering a variety of information, including list of Most Diverse Companies, ways to be more diverse during the holidays, ant-racist reading list, etc.

7 Common Mistakes for Diversity Recruiting
Going through the motions vs. branding and cultural readiness; how to measure and define existing diversity; discussion of unconscious bias

The Definition of Diversity in the Workplace Has Changed – Here’s What That Means for Your Business
Defines diversity as “outside the box” employees; millenials’ definition of diversity; pulse checks with current employees about inclusion, ERCs

Current Trends in Diversity Recruiting Practices
National survey about strategies that employers are using to recruit and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Interviewing at Amazon
Excellent example of an providing candidates with transparent interview information so the playing field will be leveled, and there will be no unwritten rules of interviewing.

Removing Unconscious Bias from the Recruitment and Hiring Process
Diversity consulting firm offers priming or defining your most essential qualifications as a strategic interview prep practice for employers to overcome bias around cultural norms/behaviors and other potential unconscious biases.

8 Diversity Recruiting Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Examines every step of the recruitment process from sourcing to presenting an offer, and identifies the most common barriers to attracting and hiring diverse talent. Provides tips for eliminating bias and improving diversity in the hiring process.

Additional References for Further Reading

How to Begin Talking About Race in the Workplace
From the Knowledge @ Wharton blog this article share key steps for initiating conversations about race in the workplace.

Being Antiracist from the National Museum of African American History and Culture:
Smithsonian museum site offering information on how to be anti-racist.

Addressing Race and Racism in the Workplace
From the Winters Group, this PDF offers information and a plan to address race and racism in the workplace.

Improving Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace
Vocabulary, understanding, and steps to develop a more diverse and inclusive workplace from the team at PeopleScout.

The Bias of ‘Professionalism’ Standards
The Stanford Social Innovation Review addresses cultural changes and awareness to be open to DEI

Why Our Beloved “Business Case for Diversity” is a Problem
From the Inclusion Solution series “Decolonizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work” this article makes the case for DEI being the right thing to do.

Corporate “D&I Speak
A detailed chart and information on language usage from the Inclusion Solution series “Decolonizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work”.

Racial Equity Tools Glossary
Definitions to reached shared understanding in discussions on race.

Answering Your Questions on Race in the Workplace
Answers to questions including how to support employees of color and how can white supervisors advocate and make space for their brown and black staff.

Race/Color Discrimination
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s list of definitions about Race/Color discrimination.

5 Ways to Address Racial Oppression in The Workplace
Ways to hold everyone in your workplace accountable.

The Benefits of Cultural Diversity in The Workplace
And successfully implementing a cultural diversity plan.

How Should You Be Talking with Employees About Racism?
What managers should be doing to address racism in the workplace.

How to build an actively anti-racist company
Helpful insights and pointers for a company that may be less diverse but trying to be a good corporate citizen. Includes calling out racist practices, holding oneself accountable, and defining values.

The White House internship is now paid. But over a third of all interns still work for free.
Article by Jane Thier for Fortune Magazine on the importance of paid internships.




Mentra is a neurodivergent-friendly talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers that value their strengths. Mentra puts recruiters …

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

Connects federal and private-sector employers with college students and recent college graduates with disabilities.

Ing.org’s Guide to Muslim Religious Practices in the Workplace

Overview of Muslim religious practices and the right to observe at work.

Fortune – Best Places To Work

Yearly Fortune article identifying top companies by identity group, company size, industry, location, etc.

EOP’s Diversity and Inclusion Career Center

Equal Opportunity Publications (EOP) offers a premier diversity online job board connecting employers dedicated to hiring a diversified workforce with …


Job search engine for jobseekers from historically under represented identities.

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