Average Co-op and Career Salaries

Below is a list average starting co-op salaries of our students and annual salaries of our most recent graduates.

Average Hourly Co-op Pay from 2022-2023

MajorAverage Rate
Applied Mathematics $27.33
Applied Science $21.94
Architecture $19.68
Biological Engineering $23.40
Biomedical Engineering $21.96
Business Management $20.68
Civil Engineering $22.05
Computer Engineering $23.57
Computer Information Systems $22.89
Computer Networking $21.86
Computer Science $23.17
Computer Science & Society $22.50
Construction Management $22.24
Cybersecurity $23.40
Electrical Engineering $22.76
Electromechanical Engineering $20.88
Engineering $22.76
Industrial Design $17.90
Information Technology $18.75
Interior Design $19.31
Mechanical Engineering $22.38
Overall Average $21.91

Median Annual Starting Salaries: Class of 2022

The institute median starting salary = $71,200. Below are the median salaries broken down by major and degree type.

Undergraduate Day/Co-op Degrees

ProgramMedian Salary
Applied Mathematics$71,500
Architecture (Bachelors)$65,000
Biological EngineeringNot enough data*
Biomedical Engineering$65,000
Business Management$70,000
Civil Engineering$70,000
Computer Engineering$85,000
Computer Information Systems$67,500
Computer Networking$72,000
Computer Science$75,000
Construction Management$70,500
Electrical Engineering$74,000
Electromechanical Engineering$75,000
EngineeringNot enough data*
Industrial Design$59,000
Interior Design$55,000
Mechanical Engineering$70,720
Undergraduate Day/Co-op Median$70,720
*Not enough data = Too small of a sample size to report anonymously.

Masters Degrees

ProgramMedian Salary
Applied Computer Science$85,000
Architecture (M.Arch.)$58,000
Civil Engineering (Masters)$69,050
Construction Management (Masters)$80,000
Electrical Engineering (Masters)$90,000
Project Management (Masters)$75,000
Masters Degrees Median$75,000

Associates and Non-co-op Bachelors Degrees and Professional Certificates

ProgramMedian Salary
Building Construction Management (Associates) $73,280
Building Construction Management (Bachelors) $90,000
Project Management (Bachelors)$110,000
Associates and Non-co-op Bachelors Degrees and Professional Certificates Median$80,000