Co-op Stories: Josh Dang

By: Josh Dang 

Josh Dang is a fourth year Computer Engineering student at Wentworth. He is completing his second mandatory co-op with Delsys this semester and shared his experience with CO-OPS + CAREERS.

Student sitting at desk in-front of computer.What is your role at Delsys?

My role at Delsys is as a Software Research and Development Engineer intern. I work with a team of scientists and engineers to develop next-generation neural interface systems on the goal of translating these prototypes into commercial products. As part of this team, I have developed new features for their upcoming application called NeuroMap – a real-time peripheral neural interface system for exploring neuromuscular physiology. I have worked on signal processing and conditioning aspects of the system, developed interoperability between the application layers and high-performance GPU algorithms and participated in research data acquisition for other research team members and their projects.


What is a typical day like at your co-op with Delsys?

Honestly no two days are the same for me at Delsys. Due to how many features NeuroMap needs, each day is a little different. Since each feature or addition to the project is different, my day will change with respect to what I am working on. The first month I worked here, I was tasked with integrating a dynamic calibration feature to the application that initializes the GPU algorithms that were developed by the machine learning engineers at Delsys. This was a critical part for this project as we had to provide interoperability between the low-level C++/CUDA signal processing algorithms and the high-level C# application code used in the company’s commercial stack. Since then, I have transitioned to designing signal processing tools to help process the incoming Electromyographical data (EMG) that is collected through Delsys’ Trigno research system.


While on co-op, what project have you been a part of that has inspired you? 

NeuroMap, the current project I am on, has given me a great deal of inspiration. Through the tireless efforts of the research team here at Delsys, they have been able to come up with something that has never been seen before. Before I came to college, I always had a goal of working alongside pioneers in the industry and to have the ability to do that is incredibly fulfilling.


What do you enjoy most about your co-op?

The thing I most enjoy about my co-op is that there is no shortage of work to do. From the day I stepped into the office it has been all hands-on deck and pedal to the metal. Personally, this keeps me very happy as I am not really one to sit and do nothing. Having purpose-driven work gives me the opportunity to learn new things everyday here at Delsys.


What advice do you have for students interested in working at a company like Delsys?

Some advice I can give is to just get into the thick of it for lack of a better term. Many students like me when they first start their co-op have this overwhelming feeling that they do not have all the skills they need in order to do their jobs. This is true and the reason for that is some skills can be taught in school, while other skills need to be learned in the field. Wentworth recognizes this and that is why it is mandated to go out and work for two semesters.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions as everyone is there to help you. Remember that your boss is not expecting you to know each answer rather eager to learn and be willing to grow.

Last part of my advice is to enjoy every minute of it and celebrate the small wins. Once in a while, take a minute to acknowledge how much work you have put in to get where you are now but don’t forget to also look up to see how much more you can grow.


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