Mission of the Applied Mathematics Program

Department Vision:

The Applied Mathematics Department is an integral part of the larger academic community at Wentworth. Our course offerings reflect our commitment to students’ mastery of both mathematical principles and their applications in other disciplines. Through coursework, research projects, cooperative work experiences, and seminars, students hone problem-solving skills and develop subject matter expertise that will serve them in a wide range of careers.

Department Mission:

Wentworth’s Applied Mathematics Department promotes the academic community’s understanding of mathematics and its applications by:

  • Reinforcing the utility of mathematical expertise in engineering, technology, and/or design;
  • Providing opportunities for students to gain broad foundational working expertise in mathematical techniques and experience in finding mathematical solutions;
  • Creating situations where students are driven to consider the necessity for mathematical models, rigor, and thought, in the careful and effective application of mathematical tools to problems related to industry, science, and technology;
  • Collaborating with other departments to help formulate and resolve research problems and to meet the mathematical needs of their students;
  • Collaborating with industry partners to solve mathematical problems, create student job opportunities, and seek curricular advice;
  • Supporting the mission of the university by empowering, inspiring, and innovating through experiential learning by means of our departmental offerings.

Undergraduate Applied Math Degree

We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics (BSAM).  The BSAM degree is

  • a  marketable Bachelor of Science degree that students can earn in just three years. This means one year less tuition and one year sooner into the job market.
  • flexible: students can finish the program in four years if you would like more time or would like to earn a dual degree.
  • Requires that students complete two semester-long cooperative internship positions (Students do not pay tuition when they are doing their co-ops- instead they are getting paid.)

Please see this page for more details about the Applied Math program requirements and student outcomes.