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Co-op Stories: Jakub Bzura

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By: Yunjia Hou

This story was originally published by Wentworth Institute of Technology News. Read the original post: https://wit.edu/news/mechanical-engineering-student-troubleshoots-tesla-on-co-op

Jakub Bzura looks at a Tesla on the road a little differently than most.

“My instinct is to check the panel …

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How to Make Cold Calls to Employers

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By: Lauren Creamer

Cold calling employers can be an essential method of outreach when seeking co-ops. This is especially true for industries where the Institute does not have strong connections (yet). How does one go about making cold calls, you …

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Co-op Stories: Liv Deluca

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By: Liv Deluca

Originally published on the Hasbro Interns @ Play Blog: https://interns.hasbro.com/en-us/post?post=this_is_my_hasbro_experience

This is My Hasbro Experience

Hi there! My name is Liv and I’m currently going into my junior year of Industrial Design at Wentworth Institute of Technology in …

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Follow-up: Why and How

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By: Becky Smith

So, you’ve submitted a bunch of job applications and you haven’t heard anything. You may feel helpless, but there is something you can do!

First: Gather feedback that can help you to better attract attention. Ask your …

By Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development
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Co-op Stories: Alec Hewitt

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By: Alec Hewitt

Alec Hewitt is a senior in the undergraduate Electromechanical Engineering program. He recently completed his first mandatory co-op with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and shared his experience with us:

Describe your co-op role.

I was …

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Why I Go to Hackathons as a Business Major

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By: Joseph Schnackertz

Joseph Schnackertz is currently a junior in the Wentworth Business Management program. He shared with us his journey to realizing the value in the skills he brings to hackathons. Read his story below and check out his …

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Feedback: How to get it and why you need it

Feedback: How to get it and why you need it thumbnail image

By: Caitlin Brison

Co-op – it’s learning by doing. Actually, it’s learning through reflection on doing.  During a co-op semester, students have the opportunity to work hands-on in a professional setting outside the classroom. The key ingredient that makes co-op a …

By brisonc
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Guide to LinkedIn

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By: Ria Kalinowski

LinkedIn is a social media networking site that allows people to connect with colleagues, peers, and industry professionals. Individuals highlight their skills, experience, and examples of work on an interactive platform.

Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

Visibility: …

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Co-op Stories: Caleb Grenier

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By: Caleb Grenier

Before Caleb Grenier left campus after graduating in August 2019 from the Biomedical Engineering program, he graciously shared about his co-op experience with CO-OPS + CAREERS.

Where was your co-op?

My second co-op was a return to IDEXX …

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Mock Interview Day 2019

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By: Kristen Eckman

Our annual Mock Interview Day was held on Tuesday, October 22nd from 3:00pm –6:00pm in Watson Auditorium. The day consisted of five rounds of 35-minute interviews conducted by 20 employer representatives from companies across multiple industries. Of …

By eckmank
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