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Co-op Stories: Nick Piscitello

By: Nick Piscitello

Recent graduate of the Electromechanical Engineering Program, Nick Piscitello, shared about his experience working at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a part of the SMART Program with CO-OPS + CAREERS:

What is the SMART Program?

The SMART (Science, Math, …

By Nick Piscitello
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How to Stay Engaged as an Employer During COVID-19

By: Chris McIntyre

COVID-19 has changed how we interact with everyone and everything around us. Our office understands it has been a long, strange 11 weeks and we all face a challenging road ahead. However, how we think about recruiting …

By mcintyrec
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Where does WIT Work?

By: Becky Smith

Using LinkedIn to Identify Receptive Alumni, Students & Employers Around the Globe

Networking is a crucial part of any job search…and it is especially important if you are entering a challenging job market! Get started by locating …

By smithr27
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Co-op Stories: Julia Gravano

By: Julia Gravano

Julia Gravano is a Wentworth junior studying Construction Management with a Concentration in Facilities Management and a minor in Business Management. She completed her first mandatory co-op semester this past spring with J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. …

By Julia Gravano
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Where’s the Action? 10 Places to Look for Jobs Right Now (Spring 2020)

By: Becky Smith

Searching for a co-op or a job that will start in the next 1-6 months? Worried about disruption from COVID-19? Consider searching for jobs in these very busy areas:

Telehealth: This includes apps, chat bots, virtual reality …

By smithr27
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Getting through Self-Isolation One Breath at a Time

By: Amber Goulart, Assistant Director of Health Promotion & Education

Additional information and original post can be found here: https://wit.edu/health-promotion-education

During and following self-isolation because of concerns related to Coronavirus, you may begin to experience some common stress responses. It …

By Amber Goulart
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Tips for Managing Remote Work

By: Kristen Eckman

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus and subsequent need for social distancing, many employers are now enforcing remote work policies to decrease the likelihood for potential exposure. For your employer, remote work may be a new concept. …

By eckmank
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CO-OP + CAREER Advising Appointments Going Virtual

In light of the recent developments with COVID-19 and the movement of courses online, all appointments with your CO-OP + CAREER Advisor will be conducted remotely.  Below are instructions for making and attending remote appointments. You can have either a phone …

By pobera
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What to Pair from WITwear

Watch as Kristen Eckman, Operations Coordinator and Lauren Rodolakis, Marketing Intern at CO-OPS + CAREERS share examples of what to match from our WITwear professional clothes borrowing closet.


“Welcome to WITwear, CO-OPS + CAREERS Professional Clothes Sharing Closet. We picked out …

By Kristen Eckman
Kristen Eckman Operations Coordinator Kristen Eckman
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Co-op Stories: Roan Farsab

By: Roan Farsab

Roan Farsab, a junior in the Electrical Engineering program at Wentworth, completed her optional co-op at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She discussed her role with CO-OPS + CAREERS and shared advice for students looking to complete a …

By Roan Farsab
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