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Deep Learning: Getting Started

Deep learning as a technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. More and more AI solutions use deep learning as their foundational technology. Studying this technology, however, has several challenges. Most learning resources are math-heavy and are difficult to navigate without good math skills. IT professionals need a simplified resource to learn the concepts and build models quickly. This course aims to provide a simplified path to studying the basics of deep learning and becoming productive quickly.
Instructor Kumaran Ponnambalam starts off with an intro to deep learning, including artificial neural networks and architectures. He navigates through various building blocks of neural networks with simple and easy to understand explanations. Kumaran also builds code in Keras to implement these building blocks. He then pulls it all together with an end-to-end exercise. Finally, test what you learned with a deep learning problem and compare your solution with Kumaran’s.

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