CO-OP + CAREER Advisors and Academic Advisors – What’s the Difference?

Throughout your time as a Wentworth student, you are likely to have questions about the classes you are taking and how to position yourself best for your future career. Your Academic Advisor and CO-OP + CAREER Advisor are here to assist …

By Abbey Pober
Abbey Pober Associate Director for Data, Marketing, & Systems
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Wentworth’s Partnership With Aspire

Wentworth students have plenty of support when searching for their two required co-ops. Dedicated advisors are there to assist every step of the way through resume reviews, job searching, interviewing, and everything in between. But even with this support, securing …

By Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre External Relations Specialist
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By: Chawney Weis

“It’s not about what you know, it’s about WHO you know.” But how do you get to know the right people? And how do you convince them that you’re the right person for the job?

You could …

By uConnect
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So, You Want to Go to Graduate School…

More and more students these days are telling me they want to go to graduate school. And they’re saying it earlier on in their collegiate careers. Before you jump on the grad school bandwagon, it’s important to a) ask yourself …

By Lauren Creamer
Lauren Creamer Assistant Director
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Choosing an Employer

A corporate employer or start up? Which is the right fit?

Larger corporations typically offer stability, regular hours, better pay, clearly defined roles and well-established support. Start-ups, on the other hand, tend to be more flexible about work hours, often …

By Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development
Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development
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Meet the Staff: Sara Dell

Originally Sara Dell, Associate Director of CO-OPS + CAREERS at Wentworth, planned to be a Professor of Anthropology.  She earned two degrees before learning that she liked to work in teams and preferred seeing immediate results from her work.  So, she …

By Sara Dell
Sara Dell Co-op & Career Advisor
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20 Tips for Networking and Navigating a Conference

Conferences can be intimidating – whether you’ve been to them in the past or not. Here are some fool proof tips for conference newbies and veterans alike.

Know your audience. What type of conference is it? Who will be there? Professionals? …

By Lauren Creamer
Lauren Creamer Assistant Director
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Discovering Your Strengths

In order to develop a career that really suits you, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of your key strengths. Your strengths are your talents/gifts that come naturally and easily to you. There are many assessments you can take …

By Janel Juba
Janel Juba CO-OP + CAREER Advisor
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Networking: Keeping a Cool Head When You Think You Might Just Sweat Through Your Shirt

Even the idea of networking can be intimidating to students as they begin their co-op or job searches. In fact, speaking the word networking can bring on a cold sweat to the introvert in us all, but it is important …

By Jer Jurma
Jer Jurma Co-op & Career Advisor
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Cover Letters: Why and How

Cover letters…does anyone actually read these? Why, yes! Many do! While we cannot predict which hiring managers read cover letters and which do not, we do know for certain that those that read them really care! Hiring managers like a …

By Caitlin Brison
Caitlin Brison Co-op & Career Advisor
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