Co-op Stories: Phoenix Stebbins

By: Phoenix Stebbins

Phoenix Stebbins is a Wentworth senior studying Computer Engineering. He is completing his second co-op with Teradyne this semester and shared his experience with CO-OPS + CAREERS:

Phoenix Stebbins in-front of a tower of computing equipment at Teradyne.At Teradyne I serve as a Test Development Engineer-Co-op. My role is to assist with the test development process by writing/debugging test programs, performing product defect investigation, and by contributing to test software design and implementation.

What is a typical day like at your co-op with Teradyne?

My responsibilities vary day to day based on the priority of ongoing projects as well as the severity of any “fires” that may arise. Normally, I spend a good portion of my day configuring hardware setups, writing test code, and compiling documentation so my test processes can be replicated.

What projects are you working on now that are helping you develop new skills?

I am working on converting the Teradyne Di-Series HPROM (History Programmable Read Only Memory) configuration tool from an outdated Visual Basic back end and graphical user interface. The new design will use a more modern C# UI and class structure to allow for easier alteration of the application when new products are released.

What did you need to learn outside of school to be successful as a candidate?

The fundamentals of being a strong communicator.

What advice do you have for students who are about to start their co-op search?

Apply early and communicate effectively, technically, and confidently. Be enthusiastic and express your interest in your prospective role. Your contact at the company may take note of these attributes while at job fairs/interviews or even write on your resume directly. Getting noticed for these desirable traits will help separate you from the stack of resumes that a recruiter or hiring manager is quickly reviewing.

Be prepared with relevant lab work to reference during interviews. Employers want to know that you have learned the material, providing them with specific and relevant examples of your learning experiences can significantly benefit you and help to set you apart.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Phoenix! Be on the lookout for our next co-op feature. If you would like to share your co-op experience with us (positive or not-as-expected), or have any questions about the co-op process, please email us at

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