Summer 2022 Alternative Co-op: COOP4699 and Campus Combo Information Session

Faith Bade from CO-OPS + CAREERS discusses COOP 4699, an alternative co-op and Campus Combo, a creative co-op.

COOP4699 is available to students who have not yet secured their mandatory co-op employment. This less-than half-time status co-op is not for international students or athletes who must be enrolled full time. Students must meet with financial aid and housing to understand the impact of this enrollment. This tuition-free alternative co-op is remote and involves Career Advancement Activities (CAA), offered on-line via Brightspace, one pre-approved online certification course, and a chance to continue to search for an appropriate work experience. Alternative co-op is not an option for all majors and is an alternative for only one of two mandatory co-ops. Discuss this with your CO-OP + CAREER Advisor, review the COOP4699 Explained document, and complete the COOP4699 Qualtrics to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Campus Combo is designed for students who develop and secure an approved 15 hour/week work experience related to their major. Two part-time components combine to create this full-time co-op. This full-time co-op is tuition free, work may be paid or unpaid, and can be in-person, remote, or hybrid. The two components: 1. Part-time work with an external employer or Wentworth supervisor (15 hours/week) and, 2. Participation in Career Advancement Activities (CAA) offered remotely by CO-OPS + CAREERS via Brightspace (estimated engagement of 15 hours/week). To earn co-op credit, the student must remain engaged in both components for the entire semester and successfully complete both. This a full-time status co-op. Given the complexity of CPT, international students must discuss this co-op with Faith Bade, Associate Director, if interested in this option.