Spring 2022 Creative Co-op: Campus Combo Information Session

Faith Bade from CO-OPS + CAREERS, to talk about Campus Combo, a Creative Co-op option. Campus Combo (described below) is a full time, unpaid co-op consisting of two components, Career Advancement Activities and part time work at Wentworth. It is a good option for students who are able to secure part-time (minimum 15 hours/week) co-op work with a Wentworth supervisor. Participants are committing to remain in the Wentworth part-time work and in CAA for the entire semester – with no exit allowed. This is an option for international students. It is not an option for students from the School of Computing and Data Science. Students registering for this option must sign the Campus Combo Agreement.

INSTRUCTOR: WIT Faculty or staff, and also CO-OPS + CAREERS
MODALITY: Remote or possibly some portion (the part-time work with Wentworth supervisor) in person
COMPENSATION: Unpaid (or possibly paid if a paid 15 hour a week work opportunity with Wentworth is developed and secured)
WITworks Job ID: No specified job posting. Student is encouraged to identify work opportunities with Wentworth faculty or staff or apply to part-time postings on WITworks.

To earn co-op credit in Campus Combo and to remain in full time enrollment status, the student is committing to remaining in the two components FOR THE LENGTH OF THE SEMESTER and SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING BOTH COMPONENTS. No exceptions will be made. Campus Combo combines two part-time components:

  1. minimum of 15 hours/week of work related to student’s major and supervised by a WIT faculty or staff member; and
  2. Career Advancement Activities (CAA), which are asynchronous, online, delivered via Brightspace, and instructed by CO-OPS + CAREERS. The student is responsible for applying for and securing the 15 hours/week co-op work with a WIT faculty or staff member. The student may apply for part-time opportunities on WITworks (with Wentworth as employer), or students can independently network, identify, and secure a 15 hour/week opportunity with faculty or staff. This is a complex co-op option so students MUST consult with their CO-OP + CAREER Advisor to receive approvals before registering.

Majors – Open to most majors. School of Computing and Data Science contact your CO-OP + CAREER Advisor to discuss possibilities if interested.