Fall 2021 Alternative Co-op: COOP4699 Information Session

Faith Bade, Associate Director of CO-OPS + CAREERS talks about COOP4699. This is a remote, less-than half-time status co-op option. Participants must be independent and self-motivated to successfully complete this co-op. This is not an option for international students or varsity athletes, and not for those in the School of Computing and Data Science.

COOP 4699 is an alternative option to traditional co-op consisting of a combination of one short course and a semester-long activity for the full 13 weeks. COOP4699 shifts student enrollment from full-time to less than half-time status for the semester. Key Details About COOP4699: -All components of COOP4699 are tuition free. -You must successfully complete and pass each of your components. COOP4699 consists of two components: one short course and one semester-long activity. -For short courses, you can choose one Certification Course. -You must select which short course you are taking by 12 Noon on Sept 14, last day to add/drop a class. -You must select your semester-long activity by 12 Noon on Sept 14, last day to add/drop a class. -Certification courses are pre-approved based on your major.

Read the What You Need to Know document to understand this co-op. If you are interested in this option, review the COOP 4699 Paths Selection Tool to review the certification options open to your major.