Fall 2022 Creative Co-op: Future Lab Information Session

Learn what Future Lab is all about and how to apply. This Creative Co-op option (described below) is a full time, unpaid, all remote co-op with a team-based structure. It is open to all majors.

About the Creative Co-op: Future Lab Innovation Fellow

WITWORKS JOB ID – 1000029656

Students will conduct in-depth research around a variety of scenarios centered around projective future issues. Topics will be open to discovery, but have previously included work on governance, energy, social and economic disparity, climate resilience, the future of technology and work. Over the course of the semester, students will determine and develop one concrete project per team to address issues, opportunities, and gaps within future planning scenarios. This provides an opportunity to explore a broad range of topics while working with a diverse, interdisciplinary team. Each member will be asked to use their particular expertise to contribute to the overall team project, testing their existing competencies and exploring adjacent skills.

Teams will utilize a variety of investigative methodologies, including exploratory and inductive research, stakeholder and community outreach, human-centered design approaches, market studies and visualizations to expand on and explore these topics. Each team will work regularly with a FutureLab mentor and connect with faculty and external professionals from industry across disciplines. Significant outcomes of FutureLab are produced in two parts. The first part encompasses a well-reasoned, well-researched, and precisely argued framing of the problem, while the second expresses an innovative contribution that addresses the problem using the professional skills of the team. Work produced during FutureLab should culminate in a polished final presentation accompanied by full documentation, which may be included in a future digital publication that can be shared with employers, alumni, and the greater Boston ecosystem.

In general, FutureLab Fellows would be required to be available, 9 am – 12 pm most weekdays, with additional group meetings and work hours agreed upon by each team. This is a full-time co-op and Fellow must be prepared to work a total of 30 hours/week.

Majors: Intended for all majors going out on mandatory co-op for Fall 2022.