Spring 2023 Creative Co-op: Future Lab Info Session

Learn what Future Lab is all about and how to apply. This Creative Co-op option (described below) is a full time, unpaid, all remote co-op with a team-based structure. It is open to all majors.

About the Creative Co-op: Future Lab Innovation Fellow

FutureLab is a Creative Co-op and is full-time, team-based, unpaid, remote, and open to students going out on mandatory co-op for Spring 2023.

INSTRUCTOR: Sam Maddox (and possibly adjunct TBD)
WITworks Job #1000035493
Registration: COOP3500-21 CRN257802, COOP4500-21 CRN25823 Creative Co-op – FutureLab

Description: Students who join FutureLab as Innovation Fellows will conduct in-depth research around a variety of future scenarios ranging from transportation planning to the rapid rise of remote work to evolving transport logistics and emerging healthcare to the future of privacy and content moderation. Fellows will then organize themselves into teams and develop one concrete project per team to address the clear issues, the potential opportunities, and the gaps within future scenario planning.

Teams will utilize a variety of tools and methodologies, including exploratory and inductive research, stakeholder and community outreach, human-centered design approaches, and data analysis and visualization to expand on and explore these topics. Each team will work regularly with a FutureLab supervisor and will have the opportunity to connect with faculty and external professionals from industry, neighborhoods, and government entities across diverse disciplines if they desire. A significant outcome of FutureLab will be concrete strategies and designs that may serve as contributions toward a future digital publication that can be shared with employers, alumni, and the greater Boston ecosystem.

In general, Innovation Fellows should be available most weekday mornings, 8 am – 12 pm, for co-op course meetings, with additional group meetings and work hours agreed upon by each team. FutureLab is a full-time co-op; therefore, Fellows must be prepared to work a total of 30 hours/week at minimum. In order to complete these hours, Fellows must be willing and able to organize and manage their time and work schedules in collaboration with one another.