Spring 2023 COOP4699 and Campus Combo Info Session

During this info session a summary of COOP4699, our less-than half-time Alternative Co-op, and Campus Combo, a full time option, was shared.

COOP4699 is available to students who have not yet secured their mandatory co-op employment. This less-than half-time status co-op is not for international students or athletes who must be enrolled full time. Students must meet with financial aid and housing to understand the impact of this enrollment. This tuition-free alternative co-op is remote and involves Career Advancement Activities (CAA), offered on-line via Brightspace, one pre-approved online certification course, and a chance to continue to search for an appropriate work experience. Alternative co-op is not an option for all majors and is an alternative for only one of two mandatory co-ops. Discuss this with your Co-op & Career Advisor. Campus

Combo is designed for students who develop and secure an approved 15 hour/week work experience related to their major. Two part-time components combine to create this full-time co-op. This full-time co-op is tuition free, work may be paid or unpaid, and can be in-person, remote, or hybrid. The two components: 1. Part-time work with an external employer or Wentworth supervisor (15 hours/week) and, 2. Participation in Career Advancement Activities (CAA) offered remotely by Co-ops & Careers via Brightspace (estimated engagement of 15 hours/week). To earn co-op credit, the student must remain engaged in both components for the entire semester and successfully complete both. This a full-time status co-op. Given the complexity of CPT, international students must discuss this co- op with Faith Bade, Associate Director, if interested in this option.