GradConnect: Career Connections Meet & Greet [HYBRID EVENT]

Join Wentworth Masters students for an enriching event to supercharge your career path and meet Co-ops & Careers’ new Director of Cooperative Education, Narali (Pronounced Natalie) Taglialavore.

This isn’t your average event—it’s a dynamic opportunity to broaden your network and interact with fellow Wentworth graduate students who share your ambitions. Throughout the gathering, you will explore resources designed to bolster your career progression, from honing job search strategies to amplifying skill sets crucial in today’s job market.

But it’s not just about learning; it’s about connection. Narali will guide you through the event, facilitating discussions and creating a space for you to forge meaningful connections with your peers.

And what’s an event without food?! For those who join us in person, lunch is on Wentworth, co-sponsored by the Office of Graduate Admissions, providing the perfect setting to relax, network, and foster new connections.

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