Virtual CO-OP + CAREER Fair

Network with and meet your next co-op or full-time hire through the Virtual CO-OP + CAREER Fair on March 31 between 3-6PM.

We understand the importance of direct connection with students and alumni and are excited to bring this virtual event to you through WITworks.

Register now on WITworks > Events.

There’s also a quicklink on the right-hand side of your WITworks home screen. If you forgot your log in information or need to create an account please reach out to CO-OPS + CAREERS at 617.989.4188.

The Virtual Fair will be complimentary to all employers. Please contact CO-OPS + CAREERS at 617.989.4010 with any questions or concerns.

Please be sure to post any open co-op or full-time positions to WITworks. We encourage your company to conduct phone or virtual interviews at this time. Wentworth is committed to student success and will do all we can during these uncertain times to help connect you with job-seeking students and alumni.

In addition to the Fair, Wentworth offers a number of other outlets to engage students:

  • Post your openings in WITworks, where Wentworth students go to look for co-ops and jobs.
  • Become a Co-op Employer:  All undergraduate day students are required to complete two Cooperative Education (co-op) experiences prior to receiving their Bachelor’s degree.  These are typically paid, full-time (32 hours minimally per week) and last for the duration of the semester.  Most students do their required co-ops in their junior and senior year and an optional co-op in their sophomore year.  Architecture students complete their required co-ops in their sophomore and junior years.
  • Interview Virtually:  We offer on-campus interviewing where you can review resumes of all candidates, pick the students whom you care to interview and host interviews virtually through the meeting platform of your choosing. We will do all of the administrative tasks.  You can pick a date that would work for you and we will set it all up.
  • Become an “Employer-in-Residence”:   Provide resume expertise to our students during our drop-in hours. You can participate in the program as often as your schedule allows.
  • Host a Wentworth on the Road Trip:  In September, you can host students at your location to learn about your organization and industry.  Let the students know about the types of positions for which you hire and how they can position themselves to be top candidates.  Show them around your place of work.  Have a recent college hire or co-op student speak to them about the transition from school to work at your firm.  The visit can be for as little as two hours to an all- day program.  The decision is yours.  We will market it to the appropriate students who will provide their own transportation to the event. School is not in session during this week which increases the ability of our students participation.