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UX for AI: Design Practices for AI Developers

AI developers are tasked with addressing a wide variety of complex challenges. They’re customer facing, too, which means their UX design interfaces need to be both ethical and effective. In this course, award-winning designer and engineer John Maeda shows you how to navigate UX design for AI applications using a thoughtful balance of design practices that leverage the power of AI models while also addressing user needs and expectations.

From designing for trust to testing and iterating, error handling, recovery, and ethics, John helps you get up to speed with new approaches to collaborative UX with tools and frameworks like the Microsoft Copilot stack, Semantic Kernel, and more. Learn how to define clear goals to guide UX design decisions and help prioritize features and functionalities. Along the way, get tips for maintaining transparency so users can interact with AI-powered apps that don’t feel like a black box.

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