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Twilio Essentials Unit 3: All Together Now

You’re ready to apply your Twilio knowledge in the real world. This course walks you through building an audio-only telephone network based application that allows participants to join in and or listen to conversations. Learn how to use the Serverless Toolkit for Twilio to create a serverless application. Find out how to design, create, and maintain conference calls with Twilio. Explore ways to deal with private shared data by using modules hosted using Assets. Build code to enable participants to complete a text registration for a conference call. Write functions that enable you to connect both speakers and listeners directly to the conference call. Once you’ve finished writing the code for your application, learn how to deploy it to the cloud and send out an SMS based follow-up survey. Plus, review the different communications applications you can build, as well as the ways you can expand the functionality of existing applications.

Note: This course was created by Twilio. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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