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Understand SQL: Explore the Power and Versatility of the SQL Database Language

No matter how many new programming languages and database structures keep popping up, SQL remains arguably the most widely used database language in the world. And with the field of data science rapidly on the rise, the demand for skilled programming professionals continues to grow with it. In this course, instructor Christina Stathopoulos helps you build out your understanding of SQL, its history and context, and why it’s so important for anyone working with data.

Get ready for a stepping-stone introduction to SQL before you start writing code of your own, developing your awareness of the language itself and priming your skill set for hands-on learning. By the end of this course, you’ll know about the benefits and resilience of SQL in an ever-changing tech world, along with a handful of some of the most commonly used tools and command families that allow you to define, manipulate, control and query your data.

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