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RPA in Action: Use Cases to Inspire

Robotic process automation—software-based robotics that emulate work that people do—has changed the way we work, and as the technology matures and grows, it’s moved beyond questions of “does it work?” and into “so, what now?” dilemmas. In this course, Ian Barkin explores how and where to implement and deploy RPA, with an aim at bigger impacts beyond proof-of-concept projects and small areas of your work. Ian shows you how to identify candidate processes in your organization that are ripe for transformation via RPA. He highlights process areas and illustrates specific use cases to serve as early-stage roadmaps for RPA programs, and illustrates the concepts with real-world examples. If you’ve already had some experience with RPAs and are wondering what more they can do for you, join Ian in this course for guidance and inspiration as you plan your next steps.

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