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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate (2022)

This course helps you prepare for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Certification by teaching you basic Oracle Cloud Infrastructure concepts. Get an overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and OCI architecture and learn how to set up your Oracle Cloud Free Tier account. Explore various aspects of identity and access management (IAM), as well as setting up and securing a virtual cloud network. Find out how to establish a dynamic routing gateway, perform a DRG upgrade, set up a VPN, and use load balancers. Go over DNS management and other services, then deep dive into the many uses of the compute service. Step through the tools and techniques you need for object storage, block storage, and file storage. Cover the myriad uses of Cloud Database services, and then go into security, monitoring, and logging. Plus, get the details you need to prepare for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Certification.

Note: This course was created by Oracle University. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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