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.NET Fundamentals: Concepts, APIs, and Libraries in the .NET Framework

.NET is the fundamental programming platform for the Microsoft developer ecosystem, and is the foundation of professional applications big and small. Each release of .NET includes hundreds of standard code libraries and APIs that can help you build massively scalable web applications, work with various databases, and even include .NET-specific machine learning in your code. In this course, instructor Walt Ritscher looks at the fundamentals of .NET APIs and examines the big picture–exploring the many libraries in breadth, not in depth. He explains key terminologies, and runs down a brief history of .NET. He then looks at important types and concepts, like the Common Type System and Common Language Specification, and explains delegates, generics, events, reflection, attributes, and more.

Join Walt in this course and learn about the interesting and useful ways you can use .NET to enhance your applications.

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