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.NET 6 SDK Advanced Exploration: Attributes

Attributes add metadata to your programs and allow you to annotate given types, assemblies, modules, and methods. They’re especially handy if you’re an advanced .NET developer, as they lend your code base more declarative power with the additional services of .NET tools and code libraries. In this course, senior LinkedIn Learning instructor Walt Ritscher shows you how to use predefined, standard .NET attributes as well as how to create custom attributes on your own.

Learn about the features of attributes, how they function, and why they’re such a vital part of .NET programs. Get quick tips and user tricks on annotating your code like a seasoned pro, from testing for object quality to marking your testing methods. Along the way, Walt teaches you how to create custom attributes that meet the specific needs of your projects, such as attributes for the JSON serializer, PropertyGrid and the category attribute, the BindProperty attribute, and more.

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