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Learning Artboard Studio

In this course, Tom Green takes you through the fundamentals of Artboard Studio, a recent new offering in the UX design market that integrates nicely with Figma. If you’ve been considering incorporating Artboard Studio into your design work, join Tom in this course as he gives an overview of what Artboard Studio is and what it can do. He starts with the basics of the interface, including the infinite canvas, an infinite space for project views that can be easily navigated so you can create as many different artboards as possible and move between them easily. He shows how to create vector design elements and artboards, edit and manipulate design objects on the artboard, create templates for recurring patterns, animate objects on the artboards and more, and work with the hundreds of mockups and templates included with the application. Tom shows you all of this through actual design projects, so you can see Artboard Studio in action, and assess if it’s the program for you and your team.

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