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Developing on AWS Pinpoint for Analytics and User Engagement

Knowing how your app or website is being used can open a gateway to monetization. Analyzing audience usage data and furthering engagement through messages provide you with powerful marketing tools. Beyond just analytics, AWS Pinpoint is a system that allows you to specify a segment of your audience and engage them. In this course, instructor Bear Cahill provides a mixture of business analytics and developer how to for customer engagement using Amazon Pinpoint. Bear gives you an overview of AWS Pinpoint, including account, pricing, features, campaigns, metrics, and more. He shows you the two types of audience segment definitions, then goes into ways you can make the best use of segments and data. Bear steps you through the full process of creating and launching an engagement campaign, then explains how to use Pinpoint for analytic charts, funnel analytics, monitoring, and metrics. Plus, he shows you how to control technical access with IAM, login and API access, limits, and SDKs.

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