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Designing an AWS Landing Zone for Your Enterprise

AWS Landing Zone helps customers implement a well-architected multi-account architecture. It gives a baseline to get started with IAM, governance, security, logging, etc. Setting up the Landing Zone correctly can save you a lot of rework in the future, as it provides the environment required for running secure and scalable workloads. In this course, AWS Community Hero Mayank Pandey guides you through the complete planning and design considerations. Learn how to determine the number of AWS accounts you need, secure your root user, and set up a multi-account structure. Understand the design considerations of accounts like Log Archive, Security Tooling, and Shared Services. Explore the process to design the right organizational units, apply restrictions, and create an effective tagging strategy. Plus, go over time-saving measures you can implement with AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Single Sign-on. This course prepares you to design your AWS Landing Zone in the most efficient manner.

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