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Cisco Networking Foundations: Wireless Networks, Services, Security, and Virtualization


  • Practice using networking commands on simulated Cisco routers and switches with Cisco Packet Tracer, Cisco Modeling Labs, or Cisco’s DevNet Sandbox.

Join Cisco Certified Internetwork expert Kevin Wallace to explore the fundamentals of Cisco network services, network security, wireless networks, and virtualization, including basic configuration, setup, and maintenance strategies for Cisco networks such as DNS services, CDP, LLDP, NTP, NAT, DHCP, access control lists, wireless LANs, frequencies, and standards.

Upskill with Cisco networking by learning how to:

  • Configure and manage the Domain Name System (DNS), including its hierarchical structure, top-level domains, and DNS records for subdomains and hosts.
  • Protect networks from common security threats such as DoS and DDoS attacks, social engineering, phishing, and vishing.
  • Use access control lists as a defense strategy for Cisco routers.
  • Configure and manage different types of wireless LANs, including ad hoc, infrastructure, and mesh.
  • Manage autonomous access points and lightweight access points from a centralized wireless LAN controller using the CAPWAP protocol.
  • Virtualize servers with a hypervisor that runs multiple virtual machines on a single physical server.
  • Optimize hardware, reduce networking expenses, and improve overall performance outcomes.
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