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Choose Your Go Framework: Chi Router, FastHTTP, Fiber, Echo, Gin Gonic, Go Kratos

Are you experienced enough in Go to start figuring out what you don’t know? Maybe you’re familiar with the various Go frameworks, but aren’t sure how to choose the best one for your projects? In this course, Akhil Sharma gives you an overview of the six main Go web frameworks, highlighting the benefits and important functions of each. Akhil begins with the net/http package, part of the standard Go library, to give you a solid foundation in how all the frameworks have been built using the functionalities already present in the net/http package. He then breaks down six frameworks—chi Router, FastHTTP, Fiber, Echo, Gin Gonic, Go Kratos—one by one, examining the basics and intricacies, and shows how to write code in each framework. If you want to take your Go skills to the next level, having an understanding of these six frameworks will help you choose the right framework for your projects.

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