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C#: Interfaces and Generics

Are you looking for ways to level up your C# coding? In this course, programming expert Joe Marini guides you through how to use interfaces and generics in C#. Joe explains that interfaces and generics both are used to construct flexible classes. He walks you through how to define and implement an interface, how to use an interface when casting one C# class to another type, how to implement more than one interface for a C# class, and more. Joe describes how interfaces keep your code nimble, compact, and efficient, while generics are used to create code that is more maintainable and easier to read. Joe shows you how to use C# list generics to create type-save lists of objects. He also covers how to use the generic versions of the queue and stack data structures, as well as how to use the generic versions of the queue and stack data structures. Interfaces and generics make your C# projects easier to build and scale, with fewer bugs and performance issues along the way.

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