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Blazor WebAssembly: Foundational Skills

Looking to boost your skills for a new project or more advanced role? Check out Blazor WebAssembly, the Microsoft framework that lets you build your own apps using C# and .NET—without writing a single line of JavaScript. Join instructor and senior web developer David Grace in this intermediate-level course, as he gives you an overview of how to configure and deploy web applications with Blazor WebAssembly.

Explore the process of implementing CSS to particular Razor components, using both templates and customized components to meet the unique needs of your online environment. David covers configuration settings, API integration, HttpClient setup, cross-origin resource sharing, authentication, and more, as well as how to log and handle errors before and after you officially publish your application. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to deploy a Blazor WebAssembly application using Microsoft Visual Studio, the .NET command line, Windows IIS, and Google.

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