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ASP.NET Core: Building a GraphQL API

Did you know that you can query your API with GraphQL and get exactly what you need? That’s because GraphQL is an open-source query language for APIs that allows you to access your data from a single endpoint. In this course, developer and trainer Ervis Trupja teaches you the basics of building a GraphQL API in an existing ASP.NET Web API project.

Learn about the tasks and key concepts of GraphQL, how it works, and how to put it into action. Explore the difference between GraphQL and REST APIs, as well as between GraphQL operations and types. Get the skills you need to start querying data, adding mutations and relationships, working with relational data, and running tests. Find out why GraphQL is so flexible and efficient, particularly if you’re working with an existing ASP.NET Web API project. Along the way, try out your new skills with practice challenges in each section.

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