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Applied AI: Building NLP Apps with Hugging Face Transformers

Looking to expand your skill set in deep learning? Find out how to use Hugging Face transformers to build natural language processing (NLP) applications. In this course, instructor Kumaran Ponnambalam shows you how to build models quickly and easily using pretrained transformers from the Hugging Face library.

Explore models designed for common NLP use cases such as question-answering, text summarization, text generation, translation, and more. Kumaran gives you tips for customizing models with transfer learning to meet the needs of specific use cases—improving your performance and lowering your costs along the way. Develop your know-how to identify and overcome common modeling challenges to ensure successful, error-free deployments. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to adhere to the best practices and industry standards when you start applying your new skills on the job.

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