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Angular on the Go: Large-Scale Projects

So, you know your way around Angular, but what do you do when your project gets really big and challenges your baseline workflow? Do you hold the line, change your approach, or start everything over again from scratch? In this course, instructor Derek Peruo offers you a new way to think about scaling software development projects, working with larger teams and larger codebases, and addressing increased demand for integration and management.

Review the basics of project management from agile development and Kanban to scrum ceremonies. Get tips for sharing code, Git branching, testing strategies, collaborating with teams, and using TypeScript for risk management. As your apps grow in scale and scope, find out what it takes to maintain peak performance and optimize your codebase for speed, security, and accessibility. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to use continuous integration and continuous deployment to improve your workflow and incorporate feedback from your users.

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