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Spring Boot Observability: Deep Dive into Logging, Metrics, and Tracing

Once up and running Spring apps, you want to go beyond basic monitoring and get operational insight into the behavior of your system.
This course with Terezija Semenski gets you up to speed on how to achieve observability with Spring applications. Terezija covers three main pillars of observability: Logging, metrics, and tracing, and how they correlate across different systems. She provides hands-on examples for using the Spring Cloud Sleuth for tracing instrumentation and log correlation; employing the Micrometer, which offers integration with plenty of observability platforms; and finally, integration with Wavefront observability platform. Observability helps developers discover and fix problems faster, providing deeper visibility that allows them to investigate root causes more accurately and efficiently, so join Terezija to get started building observability into your system.

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