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How The Center for Cooperative Education + Career Development Can Assist

On-campus recruiting. We will help you schedule an on-campus interview day. Efficient and effective, interview days simplify the process of scheduling numerous interviews. In addition, they are promoted extensively on campus, raising awareness of your company and job opportunities.

Recruiting Wentworth students and alumni. Wentworth maintains close ties to our alumni, including helping them find rewarding job opportunities throughout their career. Contact us to discuss the best ways for your organization to reach and recruit our exceptional and experienced students and alumni.

Career Fair. Wentworth hosts career fairs each Fall and Spring, involving over 700 student and alumni job seekers each year. For more information on registering for the Fair and participating in other on-campus events, navigate to our CO-OP + CAREER Fair page.


Employer Resources

Average Co-op and Career Salaries

This resource lists average starting co-op salaries of our students and annual salaries of our most recent graduates.

Co-op Guidelines for Wentworth Faculty and Staff

These guidelines help Wentworth co-op supervisors understand the commitment involved with hiring and supervising a co-op student. They outline how …

Navigating the Virtual CO-OP + CAREER Fair as an Employer
Virtual On-Campus Recruitment (OCR)