Computer Science

A Dynamic and Expanding Field

Whether you’re interested in designing software applications, becoming a computer systems analyst or entering the world of game development, Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares you to for a broad range of careers in this dynamic and expanding field.

Fundamental Abilities. Focused Expertise

As a computer science student at Wentworth, you’ll gain valuable skills in software design and computer architecture, and learn to program in high-level computer languages such as C, C++ and JAVA. You’ll take courses on topics ranging from database management and operating systems to networking and graphics. And you’ll have the opportunity to choose advanced electives in areas such as cryptography, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics.

Our students become proficient in applying computer science theory and best practices to problems in the workplace. And after they graduate, they attain and excel in productive and challenging computer science and software engineering positions in private-sector companies, government agencies and nonprofits.


The Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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Career Resources

Registering for Co-op

Registering for co-op is a two-step process. As co-op is considered a class; you must register for it on LeopardWeb …

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Featured Classes

Marketing Analytics: Setting and Measuring KPIs

Michael Taylor
Want to make more data-driven decisions? Learn how to set and track key performance indicators (KPIs) using Google Analytics. In…

Cisco CCNP ENARSI (300-410) Cert Prep: 2 VPN Technologies

Kevin Wallace
The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services v1.0 (ENARSI 300-410) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the Cisco…

HTML and CSS: Creating Navigation Bars

Jen Kramer
Even if your product or service is truly original, the app or site you build for it is going to…

Python Data Structures: Dictionaries

Deepa Muralidhar
Dictionaries are a common data structure in Python programming, designed to hold a sequence of key-value pairs. Dictionaries are dynamic,…

Microsoft Power Apps: Using the Dataverse (Formerly the Common Data Service)

Gini von Courter
The Microsoft Dataverse is a customizable universe of table and column definitions developed by Microsoft as part of an open…

AWS Well-Architected Framework: Reliability Pillar

Mark Wilkins
The AWS Well-Architected Framework was designed to help architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications. The…

Azure: Understanding the Big Picture (2021)

Walt Ritscher
Understanding the scope of the cloud is an overwhelming task, even for a seasoned developer. This course looks at the…

Learning Data Analytics: 1 Foundations

Robin Hunt
Are you interested in pursuing a career in data analytics? In this course, instructor Robin Hunt brings you into the…

Python Data Science Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re a master in Python or you’re still learning, chances are you’re making simple mistakes that cost you time…

Jira Service Management: Administration

Rachel Wright
Are you an experienced Jira administrator who now needs to learn how to use Jira Service Management for service projects…

Software Design: From Requirements to Release

Neelam Dwivedi
Follow along with the full life-cycle implementation of a software project. This course takes you from requirements development to modeling,…

DevOps Foundations: Containers

Josh Samuelson
Containers are an amazingly versatile and powerful tool in the DevOps toolkit that can remove or smooth over a lot…

Azure Essential Training for Developers

Adrienne Braganza Tacke
The seemingly infinite number of paths you can take to learn Azure can be overwhelming. In this course, instructor Adrienne…

Unreal Engine: ArchViz Terrain Techniques

Joel Bradley
Unreal Engine is a real-time 3D game engine often used to create immersive virtual worlds and interactive experiences. This course…

Advanced Spring: Effective Integration Testing with Spring Boot

Terezija Semenski
Writing and running tests is an essential part of delivering reliable software, but we don’t always do so as efficiently…

Apache Kafka Essential Training: Building Scalable Applications

Kumaran Ponnambalam
Scalable and distributed message queuing plays an important role in building real time big data pipelines. Asynchronous publisher/subscriber models are…

SQL Server Fundamentals: Master Basic Query Techniques

Julianne Thouin
Do you want to learn about SQL but aren’t sure where to start? In this beginner-level course, instructor Julianne Thouin…

Data Strategy

Peter High
Your organization already has an enterprise strategy, an IT strategy, and maybe digital strategy, too. Why is a data strategy…

JavaScript Code Challenges

Emma Bostian
Want to put your JavaScript skills to the test? Welcome to JavaScript Code Challenges! Join instructor Emma Bostian as she…

Protecting Your Network with Open Source Software

Jungwoo Ryoo
Network protection is vital to organizations big and small, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Learn how…

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Career Outcomes

The First Destination Survey is administered bi-annually to all bachelor’s and master’s degree students who participated in the December, April, or August commencement exercises. The data below is collected up to six months following graduation by Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development. This information is collected in accordance with the national standards established by NACE.

View our comprehensive Class of 2022 report here which includes longitudinal comparisons through 2018.

If you are a member of the Class of 2023 please complete the Career Outcomes survey here.

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First Destination

First Destination is a nationally recognized term that is used to describe the first experiences of college graduates.  At Wentworth, we survey students at cap and gown pick-up and follow up within six months following graduation. Undergraduate students pursue a variety of opportunities post-graduation, including full-time employment, graduate school, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Please let us know by registering on LeopardWeb and reporting your hire through WITworks. International students who secure mandatory co-ops must follow instructions on the reporting and work authorization process.