Computer Information Systems

An In-Demand Career Path

Organizations throughout the world depend on technology to streamline functions, decrease costs and communicate with their customers—and the demand for information technology professionals is growing fast. Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) program offers an interdisciplinary education that prepares students to function successfully at the intersection of business and technology.

A Broad and Focused Curriculum

Our curriculum includes courses in computer science, business management, math, science, humanities and social sciences. Four open electives give you the option to earn a concentration in business management (such as management or finance), computer science (such as databases or software) or an area more suited to your professional goals.

You’ll gain a solid background in the analysis, design, development, deployment and administration of computer-based information systems within a business management context. You’ll complement your business acumen with strong problem-solving skills and technical abilities in databases, systems analysis and design, business processes, organizational behavior, networking and telecommunications, and project management.

A Full Range of Skills

As a Wentworth CIS graduate, you will enter the work world with the broad range of abilities you need to hit the ground running in your information technology career. You’ll be prepared to use your creativity and your analytical skills to design and manage computer systems that improve productivity, communication, efficiency and your company’s bottom line.

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Career Resources

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Career Outcomes

The First Destination Survey is administered bi-annually to all bachelor’s and master’s degree students who participated in the December, April, or August commencement exercises. The data below is collected up to six months following graduation by Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development. This information is collected in accordance with the national standards established by NACE.

View our comprehensive Class of 2022 report here which includes longitudinal comparisons through 2018.

If you are a member of the Class of 2023 please complete the Career Outcomes survey here.

Use the drop-down menus below to filter by specific Class Year, School, or Major. Please note, new programs that have not graduated their first class will not be found in the drop-down menus.  

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First Destination

First Destination is a nationally recognized term that is used to describe the first experiences of college graduates.  At Wentworth, we survey students at cap and gown pick-up and follow up within six months following graduation. Undergraduate students pursue a variety of opportunities post-graduation, including full-time employment, graduate school, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Please let us know by registering on LeopardWeb and reporting your hire through WITworks. International students who secure mandatory co-ops must follow instructions on the reporting and work authorization process.