Our Management Program is on the Cutting Edge

The only undergraduate program of its kind in Massachusetts—and one of only a few in the nation—Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Business Management prepares students for leadership roles in a diverse range of public- and private-sector organizations. Our graduates excel at managing technology development and implementation and accomplishing key institutional goals.

Led by a highly regarded faculty and delivered in a world-class technical and engineering environment, our innovative curriculum encompasses finance, marketing, operations, organizational behavior, economics and business law. Students can further differentiate themselves by choosing from two elective tracks: project management or entrepreneurship.

Start Here, Go Anywhere

Whether you are eager to work in production management or product development, envision a career path in sales or marketing, or wish to start your own business or pursue an advanced degree, Wentworth’s BSBM program gives you a competitive edge.

Top 5 Reasons to Major in Business Management at Wentworth

  1. Our career-oriented faculty challenge students to think beyond the classroom and begin preparing to enter the workforce from the moment they begin their program of study.
  2. We continually examine and adjust our professionally aligned curriculum so it matches the constantly evolving demands of the modern workplace.
  3. For individuals who are comfortable with a high level of responsibility and have the ability to multitask, the industry provides numerous challenging, interactive career paths in virtually every spectrum.
  4. Experience with project-based activities during all four years of study ensures that our students keep up with the pace of change, innovate accordingly and are able to thrive in today’s project-driven work environment.
  5. Small class sizes and extensive group work help build a strong connection among Wentworth students. These networks lead to strong relationships and future employment opportunities.

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