Program Description

Wentworth’s B.S. in Applied Sciences (BSAS) program is an interdisciplinary and experiential degree that will give you a solid grounding in biology, chemistry, and physics—ideal for those with an interest in the sciences and a curiosity to explore and create. This flexibility allows you to gain competence in related scientific disciplines through coursework and active research projects, increasing your employability post-graduation and throughout your career.

  • Develop advanced technical skills in multiple scientific disciplines
  • Preparation for diverse career paths, including in-demand industries like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Classes are taught by knowledgeable faculty and industry experts

With core courses in chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics, students can then focus their studies in one particular area of interest. You also have the flexibility to choose several electives to take your degree in interesting directions, such as computer science, engineering, English, physics, and business or entrepreneurship.