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Co-op Stories: Kelsey Degouveia

Co-op Stories: Kelsey Degouveia thumbnail image

By: Kelsey Degouveia

Kelsey is a recent Wentworth graduate of the Biomedical Engineering program with a minor in Biology. Looking back on her time at Wentworth, she shared with us about her very first co-op experience:

Tell us about your …

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How to Work Transferable Skills Into Your Resume

How to Work Transferable Skills Into Your Resume thumbnail image

By: Kristen Eckman

During the beginning stages of hiring, many employers, especially in the STEM fields, are focused on hard skills (i.e. specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured, such as the ability to use software programs). However, …

By eckmank
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Co-op Stories: Jocelyn Frechette

Co-op Stories: Jocelyn Frechette thumbnail image

By: Jocelyn Frechette

Jocelyn is a rising Wentworth senior studying Electrical Engineering and minoring in Physics. She recently completed her second co-op at BAE Systems as a Technical Intern 2 and generously shared her co-op experience with us:

Tell us …

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4 Ways Younger Job Seekers Can Step Up as Baby Boomers Retire

4 Ways Younger Job Seekers Can Step Up as Baby Boomers Retire thumbnail image

By: Val Matta

Baby boomers have always been defined by their sheer numbers. Even now, as they reach retirement age, 41 million baby boomers are still working according to a 2018 report from the Pew Research Center. This equals out …

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From Co-op to Commencement

From Co-op to Commencement thumbnail image

By: Abbey Pober

When he first discovered his passion for software engineering Ethan Arrowood never thought he’d be turning down opportunities to interview with Google and Twitter to accept a co-op offer from Microsoft. Across his back-to-back co-ops, Ethan gained …

By pobera
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Co-op Stories: Jasmine Andrade

Co-op Stories: Jasmine Andrade thumbnail image

By: Jasmine Andrade

Jasmine is a Wentworth Junior studying Interdisciplinary Engineering concentrating in Manufacturing Engineering and minoring in Industrial Design & Business Management, with a concentration in Project Management. She recently completed her second co-op at Amazon Robotics (AR) as …

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Delivering Your Professional Introduction

Delivering Your Professional Introduction thumbnail image

By: Kristen Eckman

What to Know
In a brief introduction, you should be able to sell your professional/personal qualities and describe the skills and services that you have to offer an employer.

Networking is an important piece of any job …

By eckmank
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Wentworth Hackathons – What They Are and Why You Should Participate

Wentworth Hackathons – What They Are and Why You Should Participate thumbnail image

By: Faith Bade

The word “hackathon” comes from a combination of “hack” and “marathon”. Hackathons can last 24 hours or longer, with an informal culture (bring your sleeping bag) and food and drinks provided. Teams come to a hackathon fully …

By badef
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Co-op Stories: Joey Cordeiro

Co-op Stories: Joey Cordeiro thumbnail image

By: Joey Cordeiro

Joey Cordeiro is a Junior in the Electrical Engineering program at Wentworth. He completed his first co-op with Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, RI as a Student Trainee/Torpedo Systems Engineer. Joey recently sat down with …

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Adjusting to the Workplace Part 2: Young Alumni Panel

Alumni Panel Photo

The Real Truth About Adjusting to the Workplace from Recent Wentworth Alumni

By Ria Kalinowski


As part of the 2019 Summer Leopard Lunch & Learn Series, CO-OPS + CAREERS invited four young alumni to campus to give advice about adjusting …

By eckmank
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