Becky Smith

CO-OP + CAREER Advisor

Becky Smith

Advising Majors

  • Applied Math
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Networking
  • Industrial Design

Drop-in Hours

If you are actively seeking a co-op for the upcoming semester connect with your CO-OP + CAREER Advisor directly about drop-in hours.

To make an appointment:

  • Call our main line at 617-989-4101, stop by the front desk, or
  • Schedule on WITworks under Counselling Appointment>Request New Appointment.  Use your Wentworth credentials to login.  All Wentworth students and alumni have an account.  If you are an alumni and are having trouble accessing the WITworks, contact us at or 617-989-4101.

Note: Due to Covid-19, all appointments are virtual; by phone or video.  Please indicate your preference and if phone, provide a phone number at which you can be called when scheduling your appointment.


Becky Smith joined the CO-OPS + CAREERS team in September 2015, bringing professional experience as a supervisor, trainer, and coach in the fields of human resources, health care, and nonprofits. She has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology. Becky believes that hands-on experience makes job candidates stand out from the crowd and that it adds great value to educational programs. Her favorite role is being a sounding board who provides helpful resources to make students and alumni successful.

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Where does WIT Work?

Where does WIT Work? thumbnail image

By: Becky Smith

Using LinkedIn to Identify Receptive Alumni, Students & Employers Around the Globe

Networking is a crucial part of any job search…and it is especially important if you are entering a challenging job market! Get started by locating …

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Where’s the Action? 10 Places to Look for Jobs Right Now (Spring 2020)

Where’s the Action? 10 Places to Look for Jobs Right Now (Spring 2020) thumbnail image

By: Becky Smith

Searching for a co-op or a job that will start in the next 1-6 months? Worried about disruption from COVID-19? Consider searching for jobs in these very busy areas:

Telehealth: This includes apps, chat bots, virtual reality …

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Follow-up: Why and How

Follow-up: Why and How thumbnail image

By: Becky Smith

So, you’ve submitted a bunch of job applications and you haven’t heard anything. You may feel helpless, but there is something you can do!

First: Gather feedback that can help you to better attract attention. Ask your …

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Navigating Job Offers

Navigating Job Offers thumbnail image

By: Becky Smith

You get an offer from a company and you are glad…except you wish you had more time to decide!

Good news: It is normal – even common — to ask for time to think things over! It is just …

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Beware of Scams


Scams are not a new phenomenon, but the ways in which they are being delivered to you are always evolving, making deceitful postings more difficult to spot. Check out this email that was distributed across campus this week, thankfully it …

By Becky Smith
Becky Smith CO-OP + CAREER Advisor Becky Smith
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How to Answer the “Greatest Weakness” Question

How to Answer the "Greatest Weakness" Question

Sometimes a painful moment arises in an interview: My pulse is racing, my palms are sweaty, and my grasp on my vocabulary is slipping. Now you want me to talk about my greatest weakness? Really?

Why do hiring managers ask …

By Becky Smith
Becky Smith CO-OP + CAREER Advisor Becky Smith
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